Sunday, 16 May 2010


so this weekend has been messy and hectic.
been out on a massive weekend party crusade with the best people in life.
thanks to you all for making it unforgettable :)
special thanks to G.I.JOE for sticking the whole weekend out
more posts to come but for now hangover is all im talking about

Monday, 10 May 2010

. . . .So today i got a new camera for the upcoming gigs,festivals and messy times this year. nothing much just DIGICAM 12.2MP but it does what it needs to.. yeah heres a snap of my sister in her NATURAL state ..
i tried to capture the child like play in the naturalist of forms but the damn pritt stick got in the way..
im sure more pictures to follow.

10TH MAY 2010

Hey peeps.

i dont really know how this all works but im working it out and promise to update regular asap.

keep em peeled for some exciting shit i have coming.....

] R!/<'$ [] ReGuLaR[